Family Owned

Ken McDermid, Pat McDermid and Mary Wichmann are the current store owners. They took over the business when their father, Doug McDermid, passed away in 2011.

Each sibling has their own day to day responsibilities. Ken manages the warehouse and delivery staff. Pat handles customer service issues and also is responsible for maintaining inventory on the Sales Floor. Mary manages all aspects of the office and handles the advertising. Pat and Mary do all of the primary furniture buying and travel to Furniture Markets a few times a year to check out trends and styles that keep the store looking fresh and up to date. All three siblings have worked here since they were old enough to work. Each had various duties back then as well and each brings a unique perspective to the company.

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    We think our parents would be proud of how we continue to manage the business here at Furnitureland. They were good people who felt that if you treat people with honesty and respect and give them a good, trustworthy product to buy, you will have repeat business. We feel that’s how we need to keep things working here and together with our staff of long-time employees, we plan to continue being on of Northeast Wisconsin’s most favorite furniture stores!

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    Nate and Crew

    Nate – warehouse and delivery since 2001

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    Debbie, Morgan, & Rhonda

    Our friendly office staff is on hand to help you with any of your questions or concerns.

    Debbie – customer service and bookkeeping since 1985.

    Rhonda  – customer service and bookkeeping since 1997.

    Morgan  – customer service since 2015.